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What to Do Right After Self-Publishing?

Congrats! That you have hit that button and easily self-published your book. But, now we have some things to do for people to buy it! And that is, what to Do Right After Self-Publishing?

Well, writing, editing, and formatting, which seemed the hard part, was not actually the hard part. It has now just come, selling your book! 

I am sorry if you think that you will just sit behind your computer and do tik tik tik and your book will be sold, no!

An average book sells less than 250 copies on Amazon. Yes. That less. So how to make your book a bestseller?

 What to Do After Self-Publishing?

Now that you know, that, getting it published is not enough. You need to get your book ranked on Amazon. So people see and buy it.

Let’s get to the steps we need to take.

  • Submit Your Book Into The ‘Look Inside’ Program

It is a way for readers to look inside your book. Into certain pages, into the contents of your book, without having access to the entire thing. Preview helps them to know what they are to buy. If your book is their cup of tea.

Kindle creates this automatically for you. But, in certain cases like you not having the kindle version of your book, you have to submit it yourself.

How to Do it?

Well, You need to go to, Search Inside Publisher Sign-up.and you sign up there. 

The look inside feature will be activated in about two weeks on your book after you submit the contents you want the readers to preview.

What To Consider?

  1. The contents you submit should be identical to the book.
  2. The ISBN you give should be the one you gave into the Amazon catalog.

(An ISBN is a book identifying code that a print book needs to have. Every physical book needs to have it. Getting an ISBN is free. You get it from your country’s National Library. But, some publishers and publishing companies provide it as well.)


  • Set You Author Page On Amazon

As soon as your book is on Amazon, you can claim it on Author Central.

Setting an Author Page on the Author Central on Amazon helps you keep track of your books, sales, and it lets you connect your blog or author website. You can post photos, biography. It lets people see you and they can follow you.

It’s a nice way to have some customers find you on a different spot.

You can set up your Author Page Here.

  • Get Reviews

Verified purchased book reviews are diamonds but reviews from readers who got the book for free are gold too.

It is recommended that you give away your book for free to people who’d like to read it and leave an honest review of your book.

You can give the book to your clients, colleagues, and acquaintances. You can also find people in Facebook groups and pitch book bloggers to accept your book for reviews.

If you want a hundred reviews on your book. You would need to ask about eight hundred people to review it. 

A lot of people will like to get the book. But, they will back away and move on with other stuff. So you gotta be prepared with more reviews.

(Mass emails don’t work. You need to talk to people individually and try to get a commitment from them.)

You need to make your friends, family, and classmates buy your book and share the word with the world! 

Share them on their blog, Facebook, or even Whatsapp status. They need to do this for you!


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  • You Have To Plan Promotions

Your book needs to be ranked for readers to see it. Because books that do not rank are not seen by the readers. 

For that, you need to do promotions every two to four months. Your book to be ranking and fresh for new readers to see and find it.

You have to do Amazon Ads, Facebook Ads, and get your book featured on book promotion sites. 

Some of the book promotion sites charge a few dollars, but some of them are absolutely free, and when you’re starting out. It’s your best option, free book promotion sites.

You can search them on Google, or I’ll make a list of the legit and nice ones them in my next article for you lovelies!

  • Keywords and Categories

It is very essential for your book to have the right keywords, and it should be listed in categories that relate to your book the most. 

Keywords are the most important thing that helps you get found by new readers in search. You have to have them relating to your book and keep them updated.

To find keywords, a simple tip is to search on Amazon and see what Amazon itself refills. That means these keywords are being searched for. You can add them to your book and when those keywords are searched, your book will possibly rank for them.

For Categories, do some research and look at the books that are ranking. You see a category where more books are being ranked and you see a category where fewer books are being ranked. Both of these categories can help you rank.

You can keep changing categories and you can also get your book into about 10 categories. You might be thinking, how will this magic happen

Well, Read: How To Get Your Book Into Upto 10 Categories?


If you have a tip for authors to rank on Amazon, please go ahead, and comment it down below. Tring.

To know more about what self-publishing, find out here: What Is Self Publishing? Self Publishing Checklist.

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