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What Is Self Publishing? Self Publishing Checklist.

Self Publishing is the easiest way to publish your book. It has only Pros as

  1. You can publish as many books as you want.
  2. It will let you have all the rights to your book.
  3. Self Publishing makes you more money.

And only Con is,


That’s all, so let’s get to what is Self Publishing and how to do it.

What Is Self Publishing?

Self Publishing is a way of publishing your book on self-publishing sites like Amazon KDP and Barnes & Noble. 

Unlike Traditional Publishing, in self-publishing, you have to bear all the expenses in your book. You have all the rights to your book but, you also keep all the money to yourself. (If you manage to make some). 

Is Self-Publishing a Good Idea in 2020?

Yes. This question has been asked. But, is it the real question?

Unfortunately, NO.

What you need to ask is, Do you have a following that would be interested in buying your book?

Yes. The real question has been asked. Do you? Hm? Hm? 

The stats are out and the number of self-published books is forty percent up over the previous year. With self-publishing becoming the common way to publish, you might want to give it some thought. 

It may be a good option for you or maybe not.

It totally depends on if you have a fan base and a book marketing strategy. 

If you are not going to put money and your time into your book marketing. Self-publishing is not for you. You will, in years, maybe sell 100 copies and that’s all. 

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Is Putting my book on Pre-Order a good idea?


Self-Publishing is easy, what difficult is to sell your book. So, before you go and self publish, you better think about if you have got enough social media following to sell your book. 

If not, you need to get it ASAP.

Authors learn it the hard way. Heck, I have learned it the hard way!

I am telling you before you commit to it. 


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Let’s get to the check-list now!

Self-Publishing Step 1 – Writing The Book

The very first step is writing the book, finishing it. You might want to research before writing the book. BUT, you need to know that the most essential part is actually writing and finishing your book.

Then, the hard phase starts. That is,

Step 2 – Beta Readers And Rewriting

You wrote a great book, yeah, but hey, we all ignore some flaws and leave some plot holes while writing.

It’s always a good idea to have a team of critiques and beta readers (free editors who read your manuscript and give their opinion) to go through your script.

When they let you know what you missed and what you didn’t convey properly, you have to rewrite it.

It’s a great way to furnish your writing if you’re a beginner, this is a learning process. And, also, your book comes in better shape to be sent to editors.

You can find beta readers on Facebook groups, Fiverr, and even your friends and family can be your beta readers if they are analytic readers.

Step 3 – Professional Editing

Most Authors make the mistake of editing their work themselves, which is fairly a good thing. ONLY, if they are planning to send it to the editor.

I mean, a girl like me, me, who loves saving money as much as she can, hired an editor. Feel me? YES! You need to hire a professional editor for your book. 

If you won’t take your book seriously, no one else will!

There are three sorts of editors, 

  1. CopyEditors, correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. They ensure consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization. And they track macro concerns like internal consistency. Internal consistency means the plot, settings, character traits.
  2. Line Editors, who check your creative content, writing style, and language use at the sentence and paragraph level. Line Editors basically focus on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader.
  3. Developmental Editors, do a thorough and in-depth edit of your entire manuscript. A developmental edit is an examination of all the elements of your writing. It addresses plot holes or gaps, problematic characterization, character consistency, word flow, world-building, and whatnot.  

I would highly recommend hiring a Fiverr Pro verified Developmental Editor and then, a Copy Editor on Fiverr. As it is your first draft, you would want an editor who’d not only edit it but help you to shape your book.

Then, your book will be ready for a good copy edit and proofread.

I would suggest finding the Editor on Fiverr, on Fiverr Pro, you get the professional services at affordable prices.

Step 3 – Professional Blurb/Synopsis

Book Back Cover, or synopsis or Blurb, is the description of your book that’s on the back of it. It needs to be catchy, and also provides a sort of opening to the book. A reader should get an idea from what they can expect from the book. 

But, at the same time, it should be interesting enough to grab their attention.

Well, a friend of mine, who is a professional blurb writer did it for me. Yes. But, I still don’t like it as much? I mean, I want it rewritten, but I am seriously blank about it right now. Whenever a fairly brilliant idea hits me, I’ll hire someone to rewrite it.

If you don’t have an idea, again, Fiverr is your go-to ‘let’s hire someone affordable, who does professional work’. 

Step 4 – Professional Cover

Having a professional and beautiful book cover will boost your sales. Trust me, people still judge a book by its cover. 

You need to have a cover that not only looks professional but catches your potential readers’ eye.

Doing a book cover yourself is like putting a halt to your book sales.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!! Or ask a friend who is a professional graphic designer!

Even if you’re on a low budget, you can get good book covers done for you, on Fiverr for as low as 15 to 20 dollars. I mean, whoa? Yes. 

Step 3 – Format the book Before Self Publishing

Writing a book is okay, but decorating it as a book is extremely important. 

Now, that your story is edited, you need to format into a book, with all those page numbers, page breaks, headers, footers, Author name, Book name.

Every publishing company has different standards for the format of the books. So, you’d have to format your book for Print, Epub, Mobi, and Pdf. 

And, it is the most tedious plus dangerous step of your self-publishing experience. 

Think, if you don’t add page break somewhere and two chapters are combined as one. How confusing it can get for your reader? Yes. 

Think, if your table of contents and the prologue is combined, how bad experience it is for your reader. 

They’d feel their money got wasted. So, again, hire someone to do that for you, formatting and converting manually into supported files like Epub, Mobi, and Pdf.

I have seen people on Fiverr do it for as low as 10$ to 15$. If you’re low on budget, just get a free quote (post a request) and state what you need and how much you can pay. 

I am sure you’ll get a perfect professional to do it for you in your budget. I mean, I have done that and have not been disappointed.

Step 5 – Selecting The Right Genre And Category

The MAIN work is to choose the right genre for your book. And, you must be as specific as you can be.

For example, your book is a romance, you know it, but Romance has categories, like Romantic Comedy, Urban Romance, WMBW, Paranormal Romance or Historical Romance.

The more specific you’re, the more you have the chances of finding readers who are interested in your book. 

Finding a relevant category will also help you rank on Self-Publishing sites. It will give you more exposure to your book.

Step 6 – Uploading

Phew, now that you’re done with these things. Go and publish your book on Self-publishing companies!!! Here, the new question arises.


Well, don’t worry lovelies, I have got you covered. *flips collar* 

Here’s my list of the best self-publishing companies for authors:

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  2. Barnes and Noble Press
  3. Kobo
  4. Apple Books
  5. Lulu
  6. IngramSpark
  7. PublishDrive
  8. Draft2Digital
  9. Smashwords
  10. StreetLib
  12. GooglePlayBooks

To know more about these, and which company should you go with, here’s your detailed guide: Where Can I Self-Publish? The Best Self-Publishing Sites.

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