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My Top 6 Favorite YouTubers/YouTube Channels

Everyone in the world in 2020 must have used YouTube at least once, and if not, they need to come out of their cave. I am a big fan of YouTube, and though Explore is a great option to find some interesting content, there’s always a better way to find your new top favorite YouTubers!

So what’s that other way? :/

That is recommendations from YouTube junkies like me!

So yup, I got some gems to show!!

Let’s GET IT!

My Favorite Top 6 Youtubers!

My top favorite YouTubers, who belong to the writing and publishing, skincare and personal development, makeup and beauty industries.

My Favorite YouTubers for Writers:

These are some youtubers who help writers through the process of writing, publishing and marketing their book.


Dave at Kindlepreneur helps book writers aka authors with his knowledge and tools to get success as a self published writer.

Dave guides you through the entire process with his mini courses and informative videos with tips and tricks that will show you the right way to self-publishing!

And not only self-published, he has some pretty cool content about how to get traditionally published and a guide here on the publication houses, and what type of books they accept. Awesome right?

Dave also does product/app/service reviews for authors, and choose the best plans for you.

So now I’m kind of sounding like I’m doing his promotion, lol. But he’s awesome for publishing related guidance.

Writing With Jenna Morcie

Jenna is funny and honest with her opinions.

She talks about the clichés of writing. Helps you ignore the worst ones, and gives you ideas about the best ones. She gives guidance on writing characters, worlds and plots.

If you’re writer in the learning phase and trying to finish your book or just want to watch some write-stuff, Jenna is the one!

My favorite Self-care and Self-Love YouTubers! 

This category has people who are in beauty industry, and also who teach you to love and respect yourself.

LET’S introduce you to:

School Of Affluence:

School Of Affluence channel will give you such a beautiful self-developmental, soul changing and ethical advice, you’d feel moved.

Though, the tittles of the videos might sound like ‘ah, it’s going to be non-sense, it’s just a click bait.”

But honestly, the content inside is so meaningful.

  • If you’re female trying to get through life,
  • If you’re female trying to be elegant,
  • or someone who needs advice on how women should behave in social events,
  • or how to have a high self-respect
  • or how to keep your self-respect intact

Anna will teach you all in a subtle and positive way.

When I say this, it might sound weird and you might think “I like the way I’m, I don’t want someone to tell me!”

However, in reality we all have some flaws we can’t see, or some ways of our may be comfortable to us, but can be hurtful or offensive to others.

Keeping that in mind, let’s be the best version of ourselves.

This channel will give you diamond advice on your entire lifestyle. It’s amazing!

James Welsh

James reviews products and gives you the best skincare advice.

He collaborate with people to talk about skincare, and reacts on people’s skincare mistakes.

He has soothing voice and I love listening to it!

So yup, James is the skincare expert you need.


JadeyWadey does facials, and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing her give people spa treatments, seeing Jade’s magic and her talking in her angelic voice.

I love watching her videos and I have learned some amazing, relaxing techniques to do facial and feel calm.

I’m sure anyone who watches will get addictive!

My Favorite Makeup YouTubers!

I love makeup, and I am pretty much good at it myself.

But the only reason I watch these two channels are:

  • They’re awesome!
  • They’re entertaining.
  • And did I mention these both girls rock?

Miss Darcie

MissDarcie is my most favorite.

When I have a low mood, I watch her videos. She can make a dead person smile.

She’s amazing, and no she ain’t a prankster or clown.

She is a makeup artist (Um, she is not lol. Darcie just follows people’s makeup routines and reacts on it, though her makeup skills are quite amazing and the cutest!).

Darcie tries on different sort of makeup styles, especially Korean or any other that is in trend.

There’s so much I could write about her awesomeness, but all I want to say is, GO AND WATCH HER! YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE!

Judy D

Judy D goes to the worst reviewed salons.

But so many youtubers do that 🙁

The amazing thing about Judy is, that she is humble, (only with the MUA, not while doing the voiceover lol). She lets them do whatever to her, and never makes them feel bad about what are tey doing wrong.

She just takes it silently and pays for it. LOL.

The other YouTubers seem like they have planned things, but you can tell with Judy’s videos how unaware the makeup artists are about the video going on YouTube and the makeup artist’s face is always hidden.

That it’s just funny what the makeup artists do.

Go and watch and you will know yourself!


I hope you enjoy watching my favorite YouTube channels, do mention your favorites down below so I can check them out!


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