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5 Things To Do BEFORE Self-Publishing!

There is always something to do before BIG things, or should I say, there’s always something to do to make things BIG. Yeah, self-publishing may be easy, because it’s just pressing a few buttons and your book is live, but what makes self-publishing a tough deal is to sell the book.

And, if you have everything planned out for your book launch, and you have created hype about it, I am sure, it’s really gonna get your book out there, and it’s gonna sell.

So, let’s go through the things to do before self-publishing and also to create a hype about your book.

Make an Author Website!

If you’re an author, you desperately need an author website before self-publishing your book, trust me!

With the help of Bluehost or Siteground, it’s not difficult to make a website on WordPress.Org. It takes a few hours if you do it the right way, here’s your perfect guide to making a website in a few hours, put your email below to receive the guide.

Why is it important?

The first and foremost reason is to sell your book!

When you have a website, where you blog, or write about interesting stuff, or even write book reviews, it’s gonna appear on search engines and it’s like exposure to a million readers.

Besides, if you also use Pinterest and other social media to promote your website and blog posts, it’s another way to get exposure.

Simply put, it’s a great way to sell your book, and find new readers, you just need to make sure:

  • You use a sleek and simple theme.
  • Your landing page or homepage has all the information about your book and direct links to where people can buy it.
  • You post at least once a week.
  • You pin your blog posts and talk about things readers might be interested in.
  • Always answer questions and comments. (relevant comments not spam)
  • And, share your website in Facebook groups to other authors and ask for feedback. Also, return the favor, it’s always a nice thing to have better connections with people you work with.
  • There should be an author page, where there should be a professional but real description of you as an author. Your picture too, if it’s alright for you.

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Connect Social Media!

If you were living in a cave and didn’t have social media before self-publishing (like me), at least create a Facebook, Pinterest (for pinning your blog posts and other stuff) and Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads (for exposure to new readers).

Before self-publishing, make all the social media accounts and see which social media you like using, and whichever two to three suits you, only work on them. Others? You can deactivate or delete them. (Don’t leave them just as, because it will not look good.)

If you’re familiar with what social media you can handle better, just make those accounts and that’s all.

Connect these accounts to your blog and make sure to add social icons for people to link on them and directly go to your accounts.

10 minutes each social media every day can get you a lot of exposure:

  • Make sure you follow people who are readers, book bloggers and authors.
  • Like posts and also post comments.
  • Post twice a week or more. (At night, between 10-11 pm, because that’s when people are most active).
  • You can post things related to your books, others’ books, quotes and things that inspired you.
  • Use relevant tags.
  • Do not use more than 30 tags, because using more than that, tags don’t work.
  • Link your website.
  • Post about what you published on your website and link it.

Send Your Book to Reviewers/Blog Tour!

It is very necessary to have at least a hundred people who’d leave a review on your book in the first week of the launch. It not only helps you rank higher but boosts sales.

So, where do you find these people?

Tons and tons of book bloggers review your book free of cost. You just need to find them.

Your beta readers, your fans from your previous work, or your Facebook readers friends can also review it on their profile, or Goodreads, or on Amazon, (it is not necessary for them to buy the book. They just need to read and leave an honest review on their social media and on the self-publishing site in the launch week).

Here are your steps to get reviews on book blogs or book tour blogs:

  1. Search book bloggers, book tour blogs, readers who have a great following. You can use hashtags to find them. #Bookblogger #Book Tour.
  2. Blogs, which do book reviews, are likely to have a ‘contact for a review page’. So, you need to contact them.
  3. Make sure you add your book release date, tell them everything about your book. (Title, blurb, genre, what tropes that might interest them, whether it’s self-published or traditionally, it’s release date (MUST.)I mean, anything important or nice to get their attention.)
  4. Contact readers with a great following and ask them to read your book and promote them to their audience.
  5. Find people on Facebook groups who’d like to leave a review.
  6. Never pay for this. Because it’s honestly not worth it. The free work is nice, but only needs your time and efforts.
  7. Contact at least 10 blogs/readers a week.  (In case, some of them would reject the book because of the genre. Some of them would not be able to publish the review on time.) When they accept, send a fully edited, nice copy of your book (THE ONE YOU’LL PUBLISH).
  8. Send the book at least two months before your book launch.
  9. Send them countdown emails, NO! Don’t spam. Just twice a month, let them know about your progress on your book and ask about their health and if they are done reading your book.
  10. And, finally, ask them when they are publishing their review when your book launch date is near.

Put Your Book On Pre-Order!

I mean, I did it? Lol. No, if you don’t wanna do it, don’t!

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords let you put your book on pre-order almost 6 months ago. So, your book can be ordered before it’s even published.

Now, why should you do it? Well, you don’t have to, but let me tell you the benefits:

  • The hype about your book is live from six months ago.
  • Your book is alive even before it really is.
  • Your fans can buy it even before it’s published.
  • If your cover and blurb attract new readers, they will buy it.
  • You’ll be able to know how much people want your book.
  • In addition, well, you’ll get a lot of time to think and schedule things.
  • You get time to add more categories to your book.

Pre-Publishing Giveaway!

Now, this is another idea, my wonderful brain created.

Giveaway before the book is even released is like a great way of getting attention to your book. I suggest you organize the giveaway while your book is available for pre-order. And, also the release date is about two months away.

So, I am an affiliate of Kingsumo: 

It does an amazing job, and it has a very simple and basic setting for creating a giveaway with social media connections. It gets you emails and encourages people to share the contest on social media.

It’s on sale and is only 49$ but, if you are making the purchase for the first time, it’s more than 10% off.

BUT! If you’re on a low budget, your website and social media is your best friend.

All you need to do is:

  • Organize a page about the giveaway, with all the details, and an opt-in that asks the person to put their name and email to participate.
  • Send an email to your contacts and your website’s email list (if you have one)
  • Spread the word on social media. TEXT PEOPLE PERSONALLY IF YOU HAVE TO!
  • So, your book’s publishing date is two months later, you have TWO MONTHS to get people to participate and follow you (subscribe to your website by giving their email). SPREAD THE WORD! TWEET, SHARE ON FACEBOOK, LINK IT AND WHATNOT. JUST GET THE WORD OUT.
  • When you select the winners after launch, and you are over with it, what remains? THE EMAILS. You have an email list of people who’d like to know more about your book, new giveaways, and more updates.
  • You can ask the winners for honest reviews after a while. 

This was my list of things to do before self-publishing, what is yours? I have tried to put all that was necessary but if I have missed something, do put it down below in the comments section.

Have a great day ahead and if it’s the night where you live, have a peaceful sleep.

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