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5 Reasons, Why You Need An Author Website?

To see how important an author website is, here’s an analogy: If you were to buy a phone and got to know that the company doesn’t own an office anywhere in the world or a website. 

Would you buy it? 

I think, no, you’d rather buy a phone that has a website where your questions can be answered.

So what is different when someone is buying a book? Nothing really.

When you have an author website, you shout professionalism and sincerity to your profession. And, it seems that you take your book seriously and it is a big deal for you. Because if you don’t take your work seriously, who would?

Well, yeah. Here you got a reason to have an author website. But let me list a few more reasons:

  • You appear in search results on Google with a website. It means people come to your author website. If they are interested they’d probably buy your book.
  • Your readers have an address to find you when they miss you or even they have any questions regarding your book.
  • You can spread the word about your new book releases.
  • And, finally, a website will help you to sell more books.
  • You can also monetize your author website with affiliate programs or even Google Ads. (Keep in mind, that your author website is about you, so you need to have more focus on your book sales.)

Here’s a very simple and nice article written, on How To Make A Blog/Website For a Beginner. Check it out. It’s simple and will help you make a website of your own.

What Do I Need To Have On My Author Website?

Now it’s time to ponder over what you need to have on your author website. Well, I have got a few important pages for your author website to have. 

And, also the most important things to have on your blog to attract readers.

About My Books Page

Important. Essential. Main. Must-Have. Super Necessary. I can’t remember more words to tell you how much you need this page on your author website.

It is as important as baking soda in your cake. You must have a “My Books” Page.

And, this page should be your HOMEPAGE. So when people come to your author website they land on your Book Page, and buy it ASAP!

The “My Books” page should have.

  • The book cover.
  • The Book Blurb
  • Good book reviews linked. So people can read and decide if your book is their cup of tea.
  • Book trailers, if you happen to have them.

That’s it, let’s move to the other page.

About Me Page

This page should have a very nice and hooking description of you. 

That should be professional but informal in a way to show your personality. A picture also if you want to give one.

Apart from that, this page should also give an idea to the reader what you keep doing when you’re not writing.

This page should have other addresses where the readers can find you. Like social media!

So, simply add your social media accounts on this page. It’s a must.

A Subscription Page

Here people will subscribe to your updates and news like:

  • About your new books, 
  • the coming out the date, 
  • the cover reveal date,
  • more things like how you’re coping up with writing these days
  • and anything you’d want your readers to know about you. 

This page should have a subscription form, where the reader will put their name and email address. 

Blog Page

You must blog as an author. I mean, you have a website but there’s nothing on it except about you and your book. 

Why would a new person like to visit your website? Think, why? 

Yes. Nobody wants to know you if they don’t already know you!

So, with blogging you’ll answer people’s questions, their queries, and this way, you’ll attract them to visit your author website again and again.

And, when they start liking your blog content, they’d get curious to buy your book and see what’s in there. Yeah. So, just start blogging!

Do you want ideas about what you should blog about? Well, ask yourself. 

  • Blog about feelings, 
  • things that inspired you, 
  • about youtube channels that help you write, 
  • blogs you like to visit.
  • Review books you read recently.
  • Tell them about your all-time favorite books,
  • Or your writing tips. 
  • what helps you to be on track 
  • and about anything.


Your author website must have a contact page where people can write messages to you.

In the contact form, you can ask them to put their name, subject, message, and anything you’d like them to.

This way they’d be able to contact you for: 

  • Any queries they have.
  • Conducting an author’s interview
  • Joining them in their podcast, etc. 
  • Writing a guest post for their blog.

I mean, you never know, when you get these special chances.

Well, this was my tips on why you should have an author website and what you should have on it.

If you have got more to add to this list, please leave a comment down below. 

Creating a fanbase is equally as important as an author’s website because the audience is important for a website. Here’s how you can form an author fanbase.

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