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How To Form An Author Fanbase?

It is crucial to have an author fanbase before your book launch. Now, the question is how do I get an author fanbase when nobody has read my book?

Ah, yes, oh, this makes me think. You have to give your book to readers to read for them to be your fans!

Oh, but what if you don’t want to give your book for free? Well, here I have got you covered. Yes. let’s know how to simply form an author base before your book’s launch? Without giving it to readers for free and also by giving it to readers for free.


It is essential for authors to blog on their websites. AND HAVING AN AUTHOR WEBSITE IS SUPER ESSENTIAL. ESSENTIAL!!! 

Because with blogging, you’re attracting people to your website by answering their questions, thus increasing your fanbase. 

You can the advantage of ranking on Google. Blogging means you’ll have to have an active Pinterest. 

And, Pinterest is the hero that brings traffic. And, most of the users on Pinterest are mostly readers and women.

You can choose to blog about anything you like, anything!

But, as you’re an author and you want to attract readers, simply write about books, upcoming books, book reviews, your favorite books, worth reading books, or even writing tips.

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Write Short Stories/Short Books!

Suppose you have written a long fantasy book, and you want to earn from it by self-publishing. Great idea! 

But, you want an author fanbase, how do you get it? Well, Write a short story or a novella! And, publish it everywhere for free. And promote it, free free free.

If your short story attracted readers, they’d love to buy your long fantasy novel. (Put links to it at the end of the short story.)

This way, you’ll earn readers and also money.


Giveaway is a legit way of gaining attention and emails.

You need to organize a giveaway on a low budget:

Email: You can simply start a giveaway by letting your email list know by an email and a post. Then, put all the information about your giveaway on the email. 

(If you don’t have an email list yet. No worries. We have social media)

Social Media: Instagram is a real knight for giveaways, a wide range of readers want to win. And, if you organize a giveaway and spread the word to people who read and ask them to spread the word as well. You’re not only gonna increase your author’s fanbase but people will be eager to get your book in their hands.

Pinterest is another way to spread the word about the giveaway. Just make pins about it, link it to the giveaway page, and pin it.

Precious Tip:

Instead of choosing one winner. Choose twenty-two winners. 

20 ebook winners (Pdf, Epub, or Mobi).

2 paperback winners.


  • People will think, this way they’ve more chances of winning.
  • People from all over the world can join the giveaway.
  • You will give ebooks to people who won from other countries.
  • You can choose the winner for Paperback from your country so delivery charges won’t be much on anyone’s part.

See? It’s a win-win.

Goodreads Giveaway!

You can also spread the word on Goodreads. And, Goodreads also has its giveaway option but unfortunately, they only allow readers from Canada and America to join the giveaway. 

How sad! Anyways, but you’ll still get exposure to the vast readers’ population of Canada and America! So it’s a nice way.

Publish Your Book On Websites!


This is the easiest way to form a fanbase and give exposure to your book. 

While you’re writing it or have written it completely, post it on websites. 

Readers love free books and that way you can approach many readers at once because you’re giving your book for free and asking nothing in return but genuine opinions and support.

Let’s go through Websites, you can post your book on.


On Wattpad, you can publish your book chapter by chapters.

Like any other website, Wattpad also works on Keywords, Category, and Tags. You need to have the best category and tags that match your story. It will help it to be found by people easily.

You can also join in awards and contest to get exposure to your book. 

You’ll get genuine readers on Wattpad. People who’ll read your story and value it.

You can also join Bookclubs where you’ll get partnered with people on a weekly basis. You read their book and give feedback and they give on yours.

You’ll surely get a genuine fanbase on Wattpad. It’s the best out there.

Precious Tip: 

In Tags, put the country name, your story is based in. It will bring readers from that specific country.


It’s a Platform for Published books, the distributors like Amazon, B&N, and Smashword distribute ebooks to them. 

BUT! Scribd also has an option where authors can directly publish their work for free to thousands of readers available on Scribd. 

So, if you want a fanbase, the other best option is Scribd. 


If you’re asking this question, How To Form an Author Base? You probably have published on Amazon, so for this, my best advice is.

Make one of your Ebook free on Amazon. I mean, yes, it’s the Ebook, authors mostly make money from. Because readers prefer ebooks as they are cheaper in price and can be carried everywhere. So? 

Why am I saying this?

Because this is a great way to form a fan base, you’re a writer, you’re not gonna stop on this one book. You’ll keep writing. You need to make this one free. 

And, if you don’t want it to be free on Amazon, simply, organize Giveaways on Amazon. It’s also a great way to gather an audience. And when they read your book and like it, you’re creating an author fanbase.

To find out more about what you, as an author should do right after self-publishing, you can read this: What to Do Right After Self-Publishing?

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