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Get Paid to Read And Review Books!

Do you like to read and want to earn money? Do you want to make your reading and reviewing books profitable? If yes, Review Books to get paid on these sites! You might be able to find some side gigs that pay you to read books.

Look at this list of companies that will pay you to read books. 

Get Paid in Cash For Writing Book Reviews

1. Fiverr

This is not the easiest method to get paid for beta reading or providing book critique BUT it is a nice way to do what you love. 

It will take some time and effort to get orders for beta reading but honestly, it’s worth a try.

All you gotta do is to make an account on Fiverr and make gigs about providing beta reading or critiques for a few dollars.

Make sure to make your gig relevant to books and give a detailed description of your qualities as a beta reader.

This is my personal favorite to earn money by reading books. You help the authors with their books and manuscripts and get paid for it.

Isn’t it cool?!

Go and sign up now on Fiverr.

2. Read And Review Program

This is a small group of authors who give free copies of their books in exchange for honest reviews. They sure have some newly launched great books to choose from and review!

The reviewer who post more reviews in a month’s time get a 20$ Amazon gift card! ISN’T IT AMAZING?

Sign up: Here

3. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is a company that concentrates primarily on book reviews. They hire reviewers to read books and write reviews of 350 words.

To be a book reviewer at Kirkus, you need to submit your resume, writing samples and a list of reviewing specialties, qualities, talents or experience to the email address on their website.

The company also occasionally hires copy editors and editors as well, meaning you have three opportunities with Kirkus to get paid for reading books.

4. Online Book Club

Online Book Club pays from $5 to $60 for book reviews, depending on the length of the book, etc.

They are looking for honest reviews of the books they send to members, and it is free to become a member. They send you books at no charge.

Know that the first review you do with Online Book Club will be done for free – this is their way of being able to determine that you’re right for their company.

All other reviews done for them will be paid jobs.

They pay through PayPal.

4. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is a weekly news magazine. It focuses on the book publishing business. They have a career page on their site that features job opening information for editors, copyeditors and book reviewers.

But, they also occasionally look for book reviewers. All reviewers hired by Publishers Weekly are paid an honorarium, but the site doesn’t specify what that amount is.

They look to publish reviews for all types of fiction including graphic novels and non-fiction books.

This company is also looking to review books that are both traditionally published and self-published. 

To apply as a reviewer you need to send the company a resume as well as a 200-word sample review of a recently published book.

5. The U.S. Review of Books

The U.S. Review of Books publishes book reviews of thousands of books in a variety of different genres. They regularly seek reviewers to write 250-300 word reviews of books for publication on its company site.

When they post available books for review on their site, the hired reviewers request to be accepted as a book’s reviewer. 

After the review is returned, you will be paid monthly for all reviews you completed during the previous month.

6. Women’s Review of Books

The Women’s Review of Books is a publication that reviews books written by and about women. To be considered for as a reviewer for them, you must send in your resume, samples of published reviews and a cover letter.

Your review samples must be lively, thought-provoking and accessible to a broad audience of interested readers for you to get accepted.

Timeliness and professionalism are important and they want reviewers who can meet a deadline. 

Most reviewers get fourteen cents per paid word. And, the company also welcomes suggestions for books to review as well.

7. Booklist Publications

Booklist Publications is the American Library Association’s highly respected review journal for librarians. 

For freelance writers, luckily, Booklist assigns freelance book reviews that vary from blog posts for The Booklist Reader to a published book review in Booklist magazine.

But, you must be familiar with Booklist Publication’s outlets (Booklist magazine, the quarterly Book Links, and The Booklist Reader blog) and its writing style. 

The reviews are normally very short (no longer than 175 words) and professionally written. You can discover more of its guidelines and an archive of previous Booklist reviews.

Contact a relevant Booklist editor to apply and also be prepared to submit a few of your past writing samples.

For more information: Click here

8. getAbstract

If you are an avid reader of nonfiction books, getAbstract is a site for you. It summarizes 18,000+ nonfiction books into 10-minute bites. getAbstract site is looking for science and technology writers who can sum up the latest magazine articles and books. 

Their Career Opportunities page includes listings for writers. 

They pay on a freelance basis. Apply through their website to get further details.

9. Writerful Books

Writerful Books is an author services company that provides everything from beta reading to book reviewing. As such, they’re always looking for book reviewers with fresh and compelling voices. 

One of the benefits of this website is that you can review any book that you want for them (although they prefer contemporary award-winning American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, and New Zealand authors). 

Getting a regularly paid gig with Writerful Books is not a guarantee. But,  if you publish quality reviews regularly for them, they may contact you. 

To apply, you’ll have to be able to provide previous book review samples

Here’s the application page if you’re curious to learn more.


Get “Paid” with Free Books

Some sites won’t pay you in actual cash for book reviews, but they will give you a free copy of the book you review for keeps.

These are some sites that will send free books for you to review and keep:


Springer is a directing global scientific, technical and medical portfolio. They provide researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content through innovative information, products, and services.

Springer has one of the strongest STM and HSS eBook collections and archives and also a comprehensive range of hybrid and open access journals and books under the SpringerOpen imprint.

They have 307,399 different books in Springer Shop. The worldwide shipping is free for print copies, and the eBooks can be read on any device.


Authors can publish textbooks and research books there and have all rights reserved to them while the editorial team will review and edit the book to their best. 

2. Bethany House

Bethany House focuses on publishing books that represent historic Christianity. 

They require those who review for them on their blog and be willing to post Bethany House reviews on that blog site.

As a reviewer for Bethany House, you must write reviews at least 75 words in length (plot synopsis not included) and publish the review both on your blog and on websites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

They choose reviewers on a first-come, first-served basis. Each month they send out both a fiction and a non-fiction list of books available for review and approved reviewers who respond first get a book copy for reviewing purposes.


Reedsy is a big platform for Authors, Editors, Publishers, and Reviewers. It is one of the huge platforms to get your book out there OR to get new reads to review.

For access to books by Authors, the freshest new reads — apply as a reviewer to get books to read and be a member of this great community.

Authors have the option to make their book free on the website WHICH makes the Ebooks free for you to read. 

Note: They have a limited number of each copy of the books they need reviews for. It’s important to act fast and apply if you want to be accepted as a reviewer of a book when the lists are published.

4. Book Browse

Book Browse is an online magazine for book readers. It publishes reviews and other information. They are also looking for reviewers who want free books in exchange for a review.

Members get books on a varying schedule because it depends on how many publishers are sending books to them. 

Review opportunities range from every three months to more often, and can also occasionally get rare, based on the books they receive.

5. Book Look Bloggers

Book Look Bloggers also pays people with free copies of the books for exchange of an honest review of the books on their blog.

If you don’t own a blog, you could start a blog now. 

Or you can also contact existing book blogs to see if they are interested in paying you to write a review of a book.

You have to become a member of Book Look Bloggers to see a complete list of their available books. Their sample list indicates that they offer books in a variety of genres, from self-help, spirituality to fiction and more.

6. Chicago Book Review

The Chicago Book Review is a popular site to put a spotlight on “Chicago’s publishing world and the great books it produces”. 

They share reviews of many of the books birthing from Chicago’s book publishing companies.

They look for qualities in reviewers, such as “dedicated to providing quality, considered, well-written reviews”.

If you like writing thoughtful and detailed book reviews, consider sending The Chicago Book Review your resume and writing samples.

7. Moody Press

Moody Press Publishers also pay reviewers in the form of free books that their company publishes.

Like Bethany Publishers, Moody wants reviewers who own a blog and are willing to share their book reviews on that blog as well as on a retailer site such as Amazon.

After you submit your application and when you get accepted as a reviewer, you can browse the books that are available for review. You can only select one title at a time to be sent for review.

Moody sends the books to you within a week to days via U.S. Postal Service Media Mail. 

They require that book reviews are completed within 60 days of receipt of the book.

8. Net Galley

NetGalley wants librarians, booksellers, educators, reviewers, and bloggers to read the books promoted on the Net Galley site and write reviews for those books.

Know that NetGalley only gives away digital copies of books in exchange for a review.

9. New Pages

New Pages site s is for engaged readers and creative writers. 

If you like to read books, you can sign up to send them the name of books you’d like to read or write a review on and they’ll send you a copy of the book.

They hire reviewers who write a lively, engaging review in easy-to-read yet intelligent language. Honest reviews are important, but they prefer reviews that are about books you love and not about books that you didn’t like.

10. Tyndale Blog Network

Tyndale Blog Network will send you books to review only if you own a blog that you are willing to write a book review on.

After your first review, the company will continue to send you more books for review if they like your review style and writing style.

11: Moody Publishers

Moody Publishers is a site that gives you free books to review. They have a vast collection of books that are exclusively their products and won’t be available free on some other platform. 

To be a reviewer for them, apply here.


Are my book lovers readers excited yet? I’m excited about you lovelies. There are so many opportunities for you to turn your love of reading into an income. Now you know how to look for them. 

I’d love to hear from you about any jobs you land and if you know more sites like these!

This was from me, your Kounj, and you can call me Kay as well!

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