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7 Ways To Get Free Book Reviews On Your Book Easy and Safe.

Getting free book reviews on your book is tough, but it is the most important thing in order to have it sold.

Think, if you were to buy a product, would you go with something that has a few pleasant reviews or something that has zero reviews? Probably, the product with the reviews.

So, it may be time-consuming to work on getting free and honest book reviews, but it is not that difficult if you put some effort and your time in it.

In This Article You’ll read about: 

  • Create Self-Promotion Goals.
  • Submit Your Book To Book Review Sites.
  • Find Book Bloggers/Book Reviewers.
  • Facebook Groups/Social Media.
  • Create Special Links.
  • Beta Readers.
  • Email List of Your Friend’s blog.
  • Email List Of Your Blog/Author Website.

So let’s get to my, ‘getting free book reviews on your book’ strategy. 

Create Self-Promotion Goals!

You are an author and a celebrity, I mean, even if you’re unknown and not much popular yet, writing a book is a great achievement. All that you have put into that book is your achievement. 

But, branding yourself is important. You have got an author website, (oh god, if you haven’t, get one!). You have got a book to sell. You’re a brand. So, a brand needs promotion.

It’s not a child’s play when it comes to promotion, and self-promotion, god!

But, setting realistic goals will help a lot. Goals like:

  • Getting 10-30 followers on social media in a week
  • Submitting book to reviewing sites 
  • Pitching Book Bloggers
  • Working on Facebook Page
  • Book Promotion leads to an increase in sales.

These are some healthy goals. You can do them while being relaxed and in a week’s time. No need to rush anything.

Goals like these will help you stay on track. Actually, write them down and stick to your room’s wall to keep you on track.

Submit Your Book To Book Review Sites!

Well, now that I have said this, don’t go guns blazing in and submitting to all the review sites you see at once.

Submit your book two reviewing sites twice a week. That way, you won’t be burdened with too much work and you’d feel less stressed.

Now, the question is, where do I find reviewing sites? Well, I have got you covered.

Find Book Bloggers/Book Reviewers!

This is the easiest step if you are good at social media. I mean, there’s plenty of readers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    • Go and type, Book Bloggers Book Reviewers, in the search box, you’d find so many of the bloggers willing to take your book.
    • Make a list of bloggers who are interested in your genre.
    • Send them emails, more like pitch them to accept your book to review.
  • Make sure you include all the details about your book, the cover, back book cover, and extra details on the trope on why they should be interested to take time to review it.
  • Send email to one book blogger daily. 
  • Don’t do mass emails NO! Personally write an email to them so they feel a little bit special for receiving an email from you.
  • If they show interest. Send them a digital copy of your book.
  • If they live in your country or the delivery expenses are not much, send them a physical book copy as a gift. This will not only make them take a picture of it and post on social media but it will also give the impression of you being a nice and generous person.

Note: Make sure you pitch the bloggers before your book launch or when it’s launched a week after. Because bloggers want to review new books. 

Facebook Groups/Social Media!

Authors, Editors, Reviewers, beta readers, and readers, every one of them loves to read. And, they all have a little or big presence on social media.

And, if you happen to be a writer who writes about their favorite genre, it’s a win-win situation for both you and them.

You need to approach people by posting in groups, that you are willing to give them a free copy of your book for an exchange of an honest review. 

Ask them for their email address. 

If someone shows interest and gives you their email address, send them a copy of your book, asking exactly when they will be able to complete the book.

While they might not be sure, you need to track time and email them after a week or two, (according to the length of your book). Ask them about their health, tell them about yours and then ask them to leave a review if they are done. And, even they are not, and will get on it some other time (NEVER). 

Ask them to leave their thoughts on the book as much as they have read. (WHICH IS BETTER THAN NO REVIEWS)

Find reviewers everywhere but readers

Keep yourself free and relaxed. And, only work on social media you like to use and focus on only two where you’re present as an author. (whichever you like, and when you’ll be a popular author, keep a virtual assistant!) Yes.

Create Special Links To Go Straight To Your Book’s Review Page!

You need to create special links inside your ebook. YES, inside the ebook, in the middle of the book and in the end of the book.  Politely ask the readers to leave a review if they are liking the book. 

The links should lead them directly to the review page, I mean, like a ready meal waiting to be eaten. You need to give them everything ready so all they need to do is, write a two-lined review. And here, yes, you got a review. Ting.

Beta Readers

Beta Readers are the free editors who read your book and advice on your storyline and flow, and what they think should be changed. You always need a beta reader when you’re making your first draft your second. And you keep needing them until your book is beautifully furnished for a final copy edit and proofread.

Now, you need ten beta readers, who helped you in the past with your book. (if you have not yet published your book. Find ten beta readers who will be interested in reading your book and providing feedback)

When your book is published and live, ask your ten beta readers to share their thoughts (even if two lines) on the review page. And, if they show laziness in doing so, keep pitching them to take some time. 

(note: I am using the word pitching because yes you have to put that much effort to persuade them!) 

These ten reviews will be valuable. Very valuable. Find your beta readers now!

Email List Of Your Author Website!

Your fans read your book, they loved it, they subscribed to your website, BUT THEY DIDN’T LEAVE A REVIEW! AW.

In your newsletter, once in two months, when you send them news about your new blogpost or about how your weekend was like and how productive you were. What you need to do:

  1. Create a link to your Amazon/Kobo book page review page.
  2. Ask them to leave a review (even of two little words like Good, nice, I liked it) if they have read the book. (Emphasising on how much you’d appreciate that.)

Email List Of Your Book Blogger Friends!

Man, if you have got an acquaintance or friend who has got a long email list, you are in SO MUCH luck.

Ask them for a favor, ask them to send the news of your book in their email list, but make sure you’re targeting the correct audience through their blog too!

In their newsletter, after their news, they can write a little note about your book’s genre, trope, and how it would be a nice read for their audience, for entertainment or knowledge. Or even if someone would like a free copy for an exchange of an honest review. 

That’s total up to them, how they drive sales or reviews for you.


Pitch as many people as you can. Go guns blazing in (but gradually). 

You need to keep this math in your mind.

If you ask 1000 people for reviews. 500 people will accept and ask you for a free copy of your book. And, 150-200 people will leave free book reviews. 

Others? Uh, people forget things? Life does happen? Your book was not their cup of tea? I mean, anything.

But you? You still need to contact those 1000 people, because you need those150-200 free book reviews. 


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