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Author Kounj Muzafar

When Silver Met Gold

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MUSCA STUART never knew her mother.

After graduating from college, MUSCA STUART discovers that the biological mother she had thought to be long dead only recently passed away while living in Pakistan. If she had known this when her mother was still alive, it wouldn’t have been so heartbreaking for her.

Angry and sorrowful, she decides to fly to her maternal homeland and meets her mother’s cousin, Uncle Mubashir, who, as a guardian, admits her into the University of Pakistan so she can complete her education and live in peace. All it takes is one moment in a speech compétition for her to notice the enigmatic golden-eyed AALIYAN HAIDER, who carries secrets that tie them both together in ways she could never have imagined.

When Silver Met Gold is a romance novel written by Kounj Muzafar, which is now available on Kindle for Pre-order!

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About The Author

Kounj Muzafar is an introverted butterfly who likes to wrap herself in the cocoon made of books and caffeine. When she is not reading, she is writing. The passion for reading was developed in her early teenage years, while her first writing was a short story she had scribbled in her notebook.

She’s a twenty-two-year girl also known as Kay. She lives with an amazing family, including her introverted father and a very social and extroverted mother, and with her nine niblings around, her life’s always buzzing. It’s not like she wants to love her nibblings… but, it’s only natural that she does.

She is an entrepreneur, an author, a blogger and book reviewer. She hosts multiple blogs including,, and  AuthorKounjMuzafar. She believes in humanity, peace, fate and the beautiful fantastical and supernatural beings. She likes travelling, trying new food, especially learning new things and acquiring knowledge. Interested in all the beauty world carries she still likes to live in her muse and imaginations.


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